Self Led Candy Crafting with Sweets

Duration: 45 mins
Candy Craft: Candy Jewelry
Sale price$18.00


Book weekdays 12PM-4PM. Walk-in or call for other dates and times.
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Visit our candy and gourmet sweet shop for a self led DIY candy craft session that is both fun and sweet. For $18 per candy crafter you receive everything you need to complete the craft on your own, Cypress Sweets Candy, and a seat at the craft table.
Available Crafts!
Candy Jewelry - an edible bracelet can be created by stringing gumballs, ring candy, and gummy candy to match the theme or colors on wire with a hook before decorating with edible markers and ribbon accents.
Cookie Painting - a theme-shaped iced sugar cookie can be beautifully decorated using edible markers, edible paint with brushes, and an assortment of candy and sprinkles.
Candy Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich - a special ice cream sandwich can be created by decorating two delicious cookies baked fresh from our vendor with edible glitter, sprinkles, and an assortment of candy before adding a layer of Hershey's Ice Cream in between.
Edible Candy Slime - an edible slime can be made using jello to match party colors, sugar, cornstarch, and water before adding an assortment of fun candy.
Sweet Playdough - edible playdough can be concocted using powdered sugar, frosting, and food coloring before creating fun shapes and creatures with the help of fun candy. 
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