Cypress Sweets is a family owned and operated boutique candy shop and candy crafting birthday party venue in Cypress, TX. We offer an assortment of candy, chocolate, popcorn, nuts, and gifts for holidays, parties, events, and your everyday sweet tooth. In addition to birthday parties, we host scout meetings, field trips, weekly candy crafting sessions, camps, and other fun events

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Cypress Sweets is a family! We opened a candy shop and candy crafting spot in order to create a family business that added fun and joy to our community and our lives. The path toward opening our doors to the public was a tough one, but we didn't give up and we were rewarded in a big way!

We aim to support our community by offering free crafting events and affordable field trip opportunities, offering our party space for nonprofit organizations and scouts to hold free meetings, and donating time and resources to local charities like. We also love to collaborate with other businesses, large and small, and you may contact us 7 days a week. 

Stop by our shop on Grant Rd and Lakewood Forest Dr

Mon - Thurs 12pm - 7pm
Fri 12pm - 8pm | Sat 12pm - 7pm | Sun 12pm - 6pm

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