How to Make a Unicorn Gumball Jewelry Craft for Fun with Candy!
Are you looking for a fun birthday party or something fun to do for a crafty kid? Anyone 5 years or older can make candy jewelry!
This gumball and gummy candy jewelry craft never gets old and can always be customized to your party's theme!
The kids made this gumball bracelet at one of our unicorn parties - Sweet!
Candy Bracelet Craft Kit
1. Use white craft tool to poke a neat hole on each side of each gumball.
2. Use beads, gumballs with holes, and gummi candy (we used unicorn gummies but any shape will do) to adorn the wire with a hook on one side.
3. Make a loop with wire at the other end by twisting the wire around itself.
4. Tie ribbon below the loop.
That’s it! You can make bracelets or necklaces, depending on the length.
DIY Candy Crafts Unicorn Bracelet
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